Jusaero uses Sandaero technology for surveillance, communication, navigation and capture of causers of systematic damage with proof of damage/danger, to apply home restriction of freedom in national or ocean/aerospace international territory. There is no national sovereignty rights to protect systematic violators of their own national constitution and/or of the United Nations statutory human rights that protect all humanity.

Sandaerojust (Justice Falcon) is a Sandaeroship Aero Police vehicle carrying Sandaerocopters and non-lethal arms systems to apprehend/neutralize damaging/dangerous individuals/assets.

Sandaeroship is a multicopter-rocket-airship that can take-off/land anywhere on Earth under 2 hours. It's an electric modular bio-solar-wind unmanned or manned aircraft. It can navigate at any altitude including silently at less than 100m without radar detection and more than 40 km in international airspace. It can move in any direction with multi-directional propulsion propellers or high speed mini rockets. Fixed and mobile units can be used to form Sandaeronet navigation and communication laser/microwave network.
United Nations Statute
Globocean Constitution
United Lands Constitution
Solar Federation Constitution
Global-Earth-Solar Jurisdiction