NATO - Nonlethal Arms Treaty Organization / Non-lethal-Arms Administration Take Over.
Adding to the ban of chemical weapons, any explosion based chemical-nuclear weapon/ammunition, as from powder/nitro/atomic, or any no/low damage control mass destruction weapons that caused/cause billions of Human Lives and trillions in property damage. Organization provides global/local network/unit of non-lethal technology/operation to protect Humanity from Human and non-human natural or intelligent lethal and non-lethal threats. Automatic mandatory membership of all nations in World to NEW NATO (Nonlethal Arms Treaty Organization), Globocean (Global Ocean Aerospace Federation), United Lands and Solar Federation, non-taxing, non-legislating, citizen dividend paying, non-lethal arms defense coordination government organizations.

Lethal ammunitions are inefficient, damaging, illegal,
premeditation to use excessive force,
transforming all weapons in non-lethal,
using rubber-kinetic/piezo-electric/chemo-thorn bullets.

Right to bear arms conditioned by technology available. If one chooses to bear lethal-arms, instead of available non-lethal arms, choice proves premeditation to use excessive force, cause excessive or lethal damage. Over 1 billion Humans were "killed" (aka Life abandoned as "dead") by lethal weapons, especially in "wars", instead of engaged constructively/diplomatically, at most neutralized by non-lethal weapons and protected by Permanent Life Protocol.

Non-lethal arms of controllable/dosable quantum energy as opposed to lethal weapons of non/poor controllable/dosable explosive nuclear/chemical energy. Modular non-lethal electric Aeronet, photonic Solaser and gravitonic Uniqua global network fully deployed provides global energy, communication, transportation, defense (Laser/Lidar Network), in addition to Non-lethal Human Artificial Intelligence remote/self controlled modular vehicles/bots as Ddrones/Avatarbots, using non-lethal arms, can neutralize lethal arms, vehicles, operators as unit, swarm and/or network. Target neutralized/arrested, never destroyed/killed.

Citizens can be certified as J-policemen to prove knowledge, training and experience to use non-lethal arms. Lethal weapons, death penalties and penitentiaries violate the principle of use of force as a last resort self-defense action. Non-lethal arms and self financed high tech home arrest allows for sufficient self defense, protection for society and efficient use of resources.

Escalation of violence, to a level that is not required to protect individuals and society, contributes to a vicious circle of violence in society. Lethal weapons, death penalties and penitentiaries are damaging, illegal, unconstitutional, violate human rights and life protection principles. Lethal weapons are generally derived from cutting object or tearing/pulverizing chemical (or nuclear) explosion that is difficult to dose or limit damages, causing "deaths'' (when Permanent Life Protocol not applied - www.mesistem.com) and serious injuries.

Non-lethal technology has a certain level of risk that requires use with proper training and only as a last resort. The current dominant institutional and market technology is of wide use of lethal weapons, to a level beyond the need of self defense, including common excessive use of force and death penalties. Use of non-lethal technology by open licensed J-policemen is a significant improvement that will save millions of lives and make justice more efficient.

Jusarms uses non-lethal arms/ammunition technology to neutralize target, weapons and equipment considered highly dangerous, as the last resource of self-defense, minimizing the possibility of physical or psychological harm. It can be used in response to a home arrest order not fulfilled, seizure of assets not surrendered or against a present attempt by the accused of causing physical damage.

Jusarms can be assembled and used from piloted or remotely controlled aircraft as traditional helicopters, airships, multicopter drones and/or innovative Sandaerojust (Justice Falcon): Sandaero multicopter-rocket-airship aircraft (Sandaeroship 1, Sandaeroship 2, Sandaerocopter and/or Sandaerocket). Jusarm/Jusaero will only operate with global/national orders issued by Jusistem J-judge or other international/national system judges, under United Nations, Globocean and/or National jurisdictions.



Movement of molecular air and water can be used to create the opportunity for permanent restraint of the target. Air and water propellers can push or pull the target that than will be restrained by cushioned body modules. Electromagnetized solid molecules can produce an attraction field to capture magnetic object targets or containing human targets, as vehicles.

1-Loud/Ultra Sound: surprising/disorientating high sound or physical/molecular altering ultrasound.

2-Water Cannon: pressurized to push/neutralize target.

3-Air Mover: fan/vacuum ventilator/aspirator to push/pull target away/to the source of air with body restriction module.

4-Magnetic Hook: hook and electromagnet to capture metallic targets (asset seizure) or containing targets (home arrest violators), as cars and other vehicles containing targets.


Temporary non-lethal primary kinetic physical impact, movement restriction and secondary neurological paralyzing/disorienting impact. Frontal discharge on the head/face must be avoided due to the danger of permanent damage to eyes.

1-Rubber Bullet: lethal metal bullet replacement for flexible non-penetrating material, for temporary disorientating/immobilizing kinetic and neurological impact.

2-Granulate Bag: pressure launcher of non-penetrating bag with granulated material, to generate temporary disorientating/paralyzing kinetic and neurological impact.

3-Net Launcher: pressure launcher of net that unfolds in the air for entanglement paralysis of arms and legs.

4-Instant Foam: projected liquid dries and grows on the target as a porous foam, paralyzing movement and eliminating vision temporarily.

5-Foam Net: manual or automatic net launcher, carrying a hardening or sticky foam to reduce/eliminate movement, while keeping a structure to easily carry/tow the target, specially with an aerodrone.


Temporary non-lethal primary electric discharge paralysis and secondary post-shock movement restriction. It's important to observe the safety limit of the electric discharge and the time of its application to avoid consequences to the electric activity of the body, specially of the heart. Users of this technology must also be prepared to counter act with assisting medical support in case of any accidental health consequence. Heart stoppage, for example, demands an immediate manual/automatic CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) procedure, maintaining external heart/lung pumping as long as necessary. Temperature reduction of heart/brain and/or body can reduce oxygen consumption. The same procedure can be applied to any non-lethal technology negative accidental consequence, that is always preferable to a direct discharge of lethal technology.

1-Wired Electric Gun: electric discharge via direct contact of the source or wired dart.

2-Electric Net: manual or automatic launcher with electric net wired back to automatic launcher or to insulated glove launching hand.

3-Electric Spray: launch gun spray of water/aerosol/vapor/gas to conduct an electric current.

4-Electric Gun: non-lethal magnetic ammunition projected by electromagnetic tube with electric projectile-bullet, a kinetic impact device with electrical charge, chemo-kinectic thorn bullet or piezo-electric material, producing electric charge on impact compression.

5-Eletrolaser: wireless electrical weapon of ionized plasma air/vapor, heated by laser, generating directional electrical discharge, as a mini lightning bolt. Laser network/unit ionizes air, form plasma channel where electrons travel as an artificial lightning bolt, capable of non-lethal neutralizing electric vehicles, equipment, arms and operators. Electricity can be converted to laser with light bulbs and lenses which can ionize air and send electrons via plasma channel as lightning bolt. Both laser and plasma bolt can be converted back to electricity on other end.

6-Electric Launcher: mini/macro electromagnetic coil or linear induction motor, accelerates long distance non-lethal /on-explosive projectiles, macro-solid to neutralize solid lethal hardware/assets, such as armored explosive artillery, and mini solid-liquid-gas micro/mini projectiles to non-lethal neutralization of humans carrying lethal weapons.

7-Electric Drone: remote control or self-driven aerodymanic or aerostatic solar-wind laser/microwave energy drone, carrying non-lethal substance/device to non-lethal neutralization of lethal hardware or human.

D) NASER: NEURAL ENERGY (Molecular/Bio-Chemical)

Temporary non-lethal bio-chemical paralyzing action over the neurological system.
The correct dosages of bio-chemicals are crucial to avoid vital organ paralysis or neurological damage, needing medical assistance training of the user, in case that happens to the target.

1-Chemical Dart: intra vascular injection of biochemicals to reduce motion or paralysis.

2-Pepper Spray: aqua-biochemical solution aerosol to reduce/paralyze vision and respiration.

3-Tear Gas: pressurized gas recipient paralyzing/reducing vision and respiration.

4-Thorn Bullet: neural-kinetic bio-chemical multi-dart rubber bullet, generating immediate physical kinetic impact, followed by bio-chemical paralysis from injected liquid in internal rubber container, contracted on impact.


Temporary photonic concentration beam heat and/or brightness can disorient and/or neutralize human targets temporarily or hardware/software targets permanently.

1-Bright Light: temporary light focused on the eyes can restrict/eliminate vision and disorient the target enough to eliminate aggression and to create an opportunity of immobilization.

2-Wide Laser: visual block followed by brain heat, dizziness and faint.

3-Focused Laser: high heating beam for neutralization of weapons/equipment, hardware/software and hands/arms/legs as last resort.

4-Laser Pipe: circular laser formation with higher temperature inside to heat the atmosphere, generate quasi-vacuum, as molecules puled up to lower temperatures.

5-Microwave Heat: invisible, less-obstructing, lower frequency than higher frequency visible more-obstructive photonic laser wave, can heat molecules when laser is obstructed.

6-Aero Maser-Laser: laser heats up air and increases velocity of suction of target, specially from a vertical position, as a Drone Air Mover aspirator.


Tractor beam based on quantum theory that explains gravity as a result of graviton particles, smaller than a photon, with a spiral orbital trajectory between electrons and protons, perpendicular to photons that orbit electrons and parallel to electrons.

1-Cosmic Gaser: as an electric current solenoid (spiral/coil) generates a perpendicular electromagnetic (photonic) beam, a laser/fiber optic (photonic) solenoid/toroid in theory can generate a Gravitonic beam, that at cosmic scale could capture/neutralize targets in outer space, as satellites.

Spiral Gaser on a controlled plasma/nuclear fusion generates nuclear erosion, forming a gravitonic black hole, where energy escapes at a quasi instantaneous speed, above speed of light, that can come out at million/billion light years as a white hole when originating from a natural black hole with uncontrolled quantum energy input or may go anywhere planned, including back after cooling, with controlled Universal Quantum Network of gravitons, significant quantum of energy smaller than a photon.

2-Aerospace Maser-Laser-Gaser: Cosmic Gaser combined with a Solar Laser Pipe (circular laser formation with higher temperature inside) to heat the atmosphere, generate quasi-vacuum, as molecules puled up to lower temperatures and/or Maser to push/pull molecular air with the target.

Massive chemical/nuclear/volcanic/asteroid explosions can have molecular atmospheric energy wave directed upward by Laser Pipe, cooled, liquefied, solidified in stratosphere/mesosphere/space.
Atomic bomb nuclear fission is enhanced by nuclear fusion in greater hydrogen thermonuclear explosion or can be neutralized by controlled gravitonic nuclear erosion network deployed in real time in addition to a photonic Solar Laser network.
Atomic-Cosmic Quantum System:
Universal Quantum Network
Human Artificial
Permanent Life Protocol
Judicial Administration Take Over