Jusarms uses non-lethal arms and ammunition technology to neutralize accused, weapons and equipment considered highly dangerous, as the last resource of self-defense, minimizing the possibility of physical or psychological harm, in response to a home arrest warrant not fulfilled, seizure of assets not surrendered or against a present attempt by the accused of causing physical damage.

Current technology: rubber bullet; chemical dart; impact bean bag; pepper spray; tear gas; wired electric gun (electric shock via wired dart); loud sound; high light focused on the eyes; net etc.

Innovation technology: thorn bullet (external rubber generates immediate physical impact followed by chemical paralysis from injected multi dart conducting liquid contained in internal rubber container squeezed on impact); non-lethal electric weapon with projectile (device with electrical charge) or bullet (piezo-eletric material producing electric charge on compression); electric net (grenade launcher with electric net that opens after launch); electric water/aerosol/steam/gas (launch gun of water/aerosol/vapor/gas for driving electric current); wide laser (instant paralysis from visual block followed by delayed paralysis by brain heat generating blindness/dizziness); concentrated laser (high heating point for neutralization of weapons/equipment and hands/arms/legs as last resort); electric laser (ionized plasma air heated by laser generates electrical discharge directed as a mini lightning or wireless electrical weapon); instant foam (projected liquid dries and grows on targeted surface, as a porous foam, paralyzing movement and eliminating vision temporarily) etc.

Jusarms can be assembled and used from piloted or remotely piloted (drones) Sandaero aircraft (Sandaeroship/Sandaerocopter): Sandaerojust (Justice Falcon) multicopter-rocket-airship.