Global Jurisdiction
United Nations Statute
Globocean Constitution
Administrative inefficiency by incompetence, ignorance, lack of will/skill, dishonesty, malice or any objective/subjective concept of causing damages to others (“white collar crime”) is usually associated with premeditated technology obsolescence/inadequacy and/or economic power abuse: labor exploitation, price gauging, cartel, monopoly, oligopoly, collusion/association, corruption, give and take advantages that damage third parties, traffic of influence/lobbying, over/under pricing, over/under delivery, fake contracts, shell organizations, fraudulent bankruptcy, outside organization/exterior nation income funneling, money laundering, tax/currency evasion to tax/laundering paradise, pollution/hazard damages to environment, vegetation, animals and humans etc.

Temporary, inefficient, undemocratic, damaging administrations under prosecution can be removed with judgment for Judicial Administrative Take Overs.

Permanent, efficient, democratic, non-damaging administrations under defense can be maintained, installed or reinstalled with judgment for Judicial Administrative Take Overs.

NORSID CASE: Notorious Repeated Systemic Institutionalized Damages.

JUDGMENT: inclusion of judgments available for open certified judges and jury citizens using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com; Global Order to Stop/Repair Damage; notorious repetitive systemic evidence of damages.
Global Order to Stop/Repair Damage served to national/international judicial systems to be locally and internationally enforced, directly and immediately or by opening a local/international judicial process to be concluded in no longer than one year.

ACCUSATION: inclusion of accusation available for certified prosecutors and any citizen using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com; Notorious Repeated Systemic Institutionalized Damages.

DEFENSE: inclusion of defenses available for accused, certified defenders and any citizen using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com.
Operação Energização
High Stress Compulsory Retirement
Judicial Administration Take Overs