NORSID CASE: Notorious Repeated Systemic Institutionalized Damages.

JUDGMENT: inclusion of judgments available for open certified judges and jury citizens using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com; Global Order to Stop/Repair Damage; notorious repetitive systemic evidence of damages.
Global Order to Stop/Repair Damage served to national/international judicial systems to be locally and internationally enforced, directly and immediately or by opening a local/international judicial process to be concluded in no longer than one year.

All damage causers and judicial agents in collusion with causers, to cause damage and retaliate against citizens seeking ending/restitution/fine/home arrest must lose their license, must not work in judicial processes, must pay damages, fine of 10 times damage if not collaborating for restitution of damage and receive 2-9 years of home arrest. Includes lawyers and their accused clients seeking to threat, blackmail, slander, retaliate informants, denunciators/whistle-blowers, witnesses, judicial agents, instead of producing a legal/non-damaging defense for their clients. Includes lawyer cartel white collar crime industry often prosperous in proportion to connections of law firms with prosecutors and judges receiving in exchange directly or indirectly advantages of any nature.

Potentially or effectively economic-political abusive media acquisitions must be blocked or spun-off with damaged citizens/users taking control of shares of controlling acquirer to cover damages with Judicial Administrative Take-Over, minimizing damages to non-controlling shareholders, consumers, suppliers and workers. Twitter must be spun-off from X duplicating its user/database and pre-X features, eliminating robot and abusive accounts with Biometric Identification. Other examples are Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Washington Post, Instagram, Whatsapp and YouTube must also be spun-off, eliminating robot/abusive accounts and abusive employees/executives. Main damage involves fake-news election and pandemic/endemic public health manipulation/propagation, specially in United States, Brazil and Great Britain.
Global Holding Shares of Judicial Administrative Judicial Take Over divided as:
25% Non-controlling/passive current investors.
25% Non-robot/non-abusive identified account users.
25% Global citizens and identified Global Class Action Agents.
25% New Global Strategic Partners with advanced technology/content/financing.

FAMO, Fake Marketing Organizations use/provide fake accounts/activities/statistics to drive real, using psychological principle that real people will follow others real or fake. All providers can/must verify document and biometric identification. Not doing so is an incentive/support to faking it and generating profits from it. The excuse is that it would provide a protection against power/economic abuse, however those with power/economics to abuse have the means to identify who they want to and these same providers do not offer any support for censorship/retaliation from economic power/abuse, also avoidable by providers/users with Judicial Insurance to protect users/providers from abuse.

FAMO, Fake Marketing Organizations, users/providers are also economic/power abusers, refuse/escape/continue to cause damage so they must receive a JATO, Judicial Administrative Take Over for elimination/restitution of proven damages, pay fines for proven premeditation and restrict freedom for proven danger of repeated future damages. GLACA, Global Agent Class Action, allows damaged citizens to take shares/personal assets from FAMO users/providers controlling share holders and administrators.

JATO, Judicial Administrative Take Over, of Anti-Competitive Investments/Acquisitions from competitors or powerful conglomerates, seeking to use the media for abusive profits and information/power/political manipulation to obtain profits in same or other industries. In theory those investments/acquisitions had to be blocked, but lobbies and excusing theories claimed that they could be competitive. However practice/reality can confirm the anti-competitive nature of the investments, reinforcing the need to block, reverse, seek other buyer or JATO, Judicial Administrative Take Over, to enforce non-abusive practices.

Power/economic abuse leads to the avoidance of competitive non-damaging actions, as simple identifying with documents/biometrics real users/profiles/accounts, eliminating multiple fake accounts created for damaging actions, eliminating abusive censorship from controlling investors/administration and/or external powerful/wealthy organizations/individuals, specially state abusive judiciary, executive or legislative branches of dictatorships or defective/inefficient democracies.

Any organization, controlling administration, including Social Media, is obligated to protect its economic agents, administrators, consumers, workers, investors, suppliers from censorship, oppression, violation of Humans Rights or any damage coming from powerful external organizations/individuals. Equally they have the obligation of protecting society against any damage caused by these internal economic agents, including from FAMADO, Fake Marketing Damaging Organization, coordinated fake accounts controlled by bots/humans, to viral spread knowingly fake/distorted news, generating/dividing profits with Social Media organizations, including accounts with phone verification that generate premium profits for/from those with phone/bot farms.

Freedom of expression includes freedom of accusation and defense, where the accused is protected by society with presumption of innocence until proven guilty, with no damage possible, as alleged in subjective primitive concepts as honor, moral or good customs, in primitive laws and lawsuits of slander, defamation or insult, where the main reason for suing is usually to threat, blackmail, defame/slander/insult accusers, other victims, informants, witnesses, journalists, justice agents, seeking to invert justice process to them.

Anything can be said at least once without knowledge of alleged damage, without generating an objective damage, as society accepts it as freedom of expression, twice it can turn a caution/alert sign, third time the accuser must be informed of the alleged subjective damage, need for it to be specified and right for defense to be allowed. Fourth time or earlier, the citizen may seek assistance of a judicial agent that will request accuser to qualify/specify/objectify damage of accusation and will allow the accused to introduce a defense for the records and also specify alleged damaged suffered from repetitive unqualified/unspecified accusation.

To establish objective damage, a citizen that feels subjectively damaged by accusations in any verbal style, technical, formal or informal, must inform the accuser of alleged damage and need to establish objective formal accusation or to seek assistance of a justice agent that then would inform the accuser that then would have the opportunity to stop or objectify, formalize, qualify the accusation with assistance if needed of a judicial agent.

Only if accuser fails to specify/qualify/objectify damage accusation can a judicial agent request accuser to silence if an objective damage is established by accused, and only if the accuser continues with general, unqualified, unspecified accusations, and only if an objective damage has been proven can a judicial agent determine restitution, fine and freedom restriction, at most home arrest with restriction of communication.

All accusers and judges that requested and imposed compensation for slander, defamation, insult for a one to three times alleged damage, have caused damage to freedom of expression and must return the compensation to accused, which must be allowed the opportunity to specify accusation, record defense and evaluate if any objective damage has resulted. No damage can be alleged from this process, since the accused is protected by presumption of innocence.

If premeditated and systemic compensation is given for alleged slander, insult and defamation as a means to oppress/retaliate against accusers, critics, informants, witnesses, accusers, judicial agents, the compensation given must be accompanied by a fine of up to ten times the compensation imposed against them, with danger from serial premeditated damages being restriction of freedom, at most home arrest with restriction of communication.

Profiles with fake followers/traffic to promote itself and/or fake news/attacks and/or web sites promoted/excluded from or positively/negatively promoted search engine research seek to limit/violate freedom of expression usually for power and/or profit motivation. Damages can be estimated and who caused/suffered the damage can be identified for restitution.

Premeditated, repetitive damaging action, specially after knowing of damage and asked to stop is damaging/false propaganda and/or harassment, outside the scope of freedom of expression, involving a social and/or judicial process. But a specific accusation in any shape or form does not cause damage, because the accused is protected by presumption of innocence and right to defense, including public response in the proportion of a public accusation.

Judges failing to protect 1-3 time freedom of speech and protecting over 3 times damaging propaganda/harassment, engaging in a political bias towards ideas/culture similar to their own, are causing damage. They must reimburse and be fined up to ten times the damage they ordered to pay or that they failed to reimburse, given their specific knowledge of law or of damage assessment, demonstrating unique malice, intent to cause damage to citizens with ideas different from their own or who have received advantages of any kind from other citizens with interest in their decision.

Journalist Julian Assange, publisher of public interest information and whistle blowers declassifying information, wrongfully classified as secret to hide crimes/damages to obstruct justice, must have cases dismissed, damages paid and justice obstruction charges and hidden derived crimes/damages prosecuted/refunded. Julian Assange, publisher of public interest documents, was removed from Ecuador embassy illegally by national and international law, after been given asylum and citizenship (illegally reversed with Ecuador government receiving exchange funding, qualifying as bribing). Damages of US$100 million (Great Britain/"United Kingdom" US$40 million embassy violation, wrongful arrest and imprisonment; United States US$30 million for wrongful case of espionage; US$20 million Ecuador for not enforcing embassy protection, removing asylum/citizenship, receiving compensatory financing bribe, US$5 million Sweden for wrongful charges of rape, US$5 million Australia for failing to assist citizen).

Ex-military prosecutor, part of the class accused of not prosecuting the military, accuses the whistle-blower and journalist accusers. Supposedly the journalist would have participated in a failed hacking/data access attempt. A citizen, journalist or judicial agent acting against what/who they think are damages/criminals, is acting in self-defense or social-defense. If the action is circumstantially urgent even if they turned out to be wrong and there was no damage done, there is no crime/damage to be punished or restored. If the action was not urgent and usual/legal process was not observed, because there was cause, as obstruction of justice, the same would apply.

If it turns out that they were right, not only they are not guilty of any crime/damage, the accused must pay for their crime/damage and not turn against their accusers, claiming they violated supposed legal process, that does not exist to protect crimes/damages on the exact contrary, it exists to protect the citizens from crimes/damages. Standard white collar criminals/damage causer often try to invert the accusation to the accusers, to take a tangential fact and build an alternative narrative to escape the initial accusation. Accuser acts under freedom of expression, the accused is protected by presumption of innocence and right to defense. (Also see Operation Democratization: Great Britain/United States).

Same applies to case of Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos. Initially attempting to investigate/test Pfizer/Lipitor for Adverse Drug Reaction following over 2000 alleging collateral effects, is then attacked by the accuser and the advertiser of the accuser, inverting the investigation/guilt on the accuser, turning the victimizer into victim. Accuser acts under freedom of expression, the accused is protected by presumption of innocence and right to defense. (Also see Operation Microfluition).

ACCUSATION: inclusion of accusation available for certified prosecutors and any citizen using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com; Notorious Repeated Systemic Institutionalized Damages.

Freedom of expression is damaged by citizens/judges alleging slander, insult or defamation, for personal/political censorship, oppression of 1-3 time, relative low potential damage, psychological, subjective events, when accused is protected by presumption of innocence until proven guilty and by the right of defense.

Common in authoritarian/corrupt/abusive regimes trying to silence/oppress opposition, criticism and justice, including informants, accusers, witnesses and judicial agents, that are retaliated/threatened by accused and their defenders, trying to avoid a specific defense for a specific accusation, with general denials, retaliation and threats as with slander, defamation, insult lawsuits that may generate economic/freedom damage to wrongfully accused and wrongful verdict.

Internet social and research media have and are being used in a damaging fraudulent and/or oppressive/censorship premeditated way, with political and profit motives of users and providers.
Fake news/profiles/trolls and research engine promotion or demotion are examples. In this case a systemic, premeditated, repetitive action can be classified as damaging/false propaganda and/or harassment, outside the scope of freedom of expression.

Social media fake news industry profits from interest conflicted censoring/spreading knowingly true/false information, using false profile seed human manual control bots, spamming phone/computer farm bots and falsified algorithm input statistics.

FAMO, Fake Marketing Organization, relies on fake accounts controlled by bots/humans to viral spread knowingly fake/distorted news, dividing profits with Social Media, including accounts with phone verification that generate premium profits for/from those with phone farms.

DEFENSE: inclusion of defenses available for accused, certified defenders and any citizen using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com.

Laws protect honor and good customs from moral damages caused by slander, insult and defamation. Judges are applying the law until it is changed. Freedom of expression has the limit of not causing damage to others. There cannot be previous censorship, but there should be post responsibility.
Judicial Administration Take Over
United Nations Statute
Globocean Constitution
United Lands Constitution
Solar Federation Constitution
Global-Earth-Solar Jurisdiction