NORSID CASE: Notorious Repeated Systemic Institutionalized Damages.

JUDGMENT: inclusion of judgments available for open certified judges and jury citizens using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com; Global Order to Stop/Repair Damage; notorious repetitive systemic evidence of damages.

Global Order to Stop/Repair Damage served to national/international judicial systems to be locally and internationally enforced, directly and immediately or by opening a local/international judicial process to be concluded in no longer than one year.

Vaccination and other anti-pandemic/epidemic/endemic measures such as masking, distancing, testing, isolation, against contagious diseases, specially by air is a mandatory public/collective health decision that must be followed by all citizens, with need to reimburse economic damages, possibility of fine and home arrest, for premeditated damaging behavior, enforcement of the vaccination, by involuntary forced application, given difficulty, cost to enforce constant isolation and testing of non-compliant citizens.

All vaccine profits above average 20% net margin are price gouging, must be returned to citizens/tax-payers in case of free vaccines paid by government and to paying consumers, with fine of ten times in case of need for involuntary asset collection and when seller provides advantages of any nature to buyers, including alleged legal political contributions.

Blocking of micro-fluid testing for vaccination, substance abuse, Adverse Drug Reaction, Placebo-like effect, overdosing; anti-symptomatic drugs and partial vaccination for prevention against lethal mutating airborne viruses, is a short-term profiteering/eugenic genocide motivated attack on global citizens, a crime against humanity and a threat to the Human species on Earth.

Home-arrest Global Order and request to issue an ICC, International Criminal Court warrant against Pfizer Corp Chairman Ian Read/CEO Albert Bourla, NewsCorp/FoxCorp Chairman Rupert Murdoch, USA ex-president Donald Trump, Brazil ex-president Jair Bolsonaro and UK ex-PM Boris Johnson for their role pre-meditating/creating/spreading viral Pandemic that killed over 10 million and the ongoing endemic.
JATO Judicial Administration Take Over of Corporations for obstruction of justice, damages/fines beyond shares/personal assets of controling shareholders and executives. Operation Vaccination, US$100 billion in damages and US$1 trillion in fines, for over 10 million Life abandonments/aka deaths, over 100 million pain and suffering cases.

All profits above 20% net margin must be returned to governments/consumers, but high death toll cannot be reversed, remaining need to pay at least US$100k per death and home-arrest individuals responsible for creating pandemic/endemic, not following World Health Organization/Expert policies for containment/global full vaccination for Covid/Flu/Cold, to be implemented.

Operation Vaccination extend damages/fine of Operation Microfluition beyond available corporate and personnel assets of damaging controlling share-holders and executives reinforcing need for JATO, Judicial Administration Take Over, given also history of obstruction of justice, traffic of influence and retaliation, demonstrated specially against Theranos/Elizabeth Holmes to stop micro fluid testing of Lipitor/Zoloft and other drugs of Pfizer/drug-industry, including anti-symptomatic drugs, removing first line of defense against pathogens/causes and reducing vaccination/pathogen testing, reducing efficiency of vaccination.

ACCUSATION: inclusion of accusation available for certified prosecutors and any citizen using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com; Notorious Repeated Systemic Institutionalized Damages.

Class action of vaccinated, masked, tested, non-isolated against damage caused by the unvaccinated, unmasked, untested, unisolated and policies of non or partial enforcement of collective health measures.

National, regional justice system are not independent and are controlled by politicians financed by interest groups, including pharma/drug industry, with vested interest in partial vaccination to sustain, symptomatic and partial vaccination endemic industry.

Partial mutation-spawning vaccination and non-vaccination against lethal airborne contagious virus is an international/federal inter-state damage/crime with specific and estimated evidence of damage/deaths.

Transformation of an epidemic in pandemic, because of failing to track/isolate contaminated, failure to close borders, failure to isolate/lock-down, use masks, use emergency vaccine based in available tested technologies and then in endemic because of non and partial vaccination, creates short term profiteering to vaccine and symptomatic drugs suppliers at expense of public health with millions of preventable deaths.

Microfluid testing and vaccination are fundamental principles of low cost pre-symptomatic preventive medicine, in opposition to post-symptomatic/invasive/collateral effect non/partial-curative medicine of mainstream allopathic/chemical/radiation/surgical high cost medicine, leading to anti-competitive attack on full vaccination/testing. Anti-vaccination and partial-vaccination is promoted to generate lucrative endemic, following an epidemic/pandemic that would be eradicated by full mandatory testing/vaccination.

The efficiency/effectiveness of vaccine is proportional to simultaneous coverage of vaccine as proven by efficacy lowered in half by partial-vaccination, creating pandemic and never ending endemic, highly profitable to vaccine manufacturers charging 10-20 times the cost of vaccine. Disregarding need for isolation, testing, full vaccination generated pandemic/endemic deaths of millions, specially among weaker/poorer/non-vaccinated, constituting eugenic genocide, damaging short term profiteering and Crime Against Humanity.

Endemic will also kill another over 10 million as a consequence mainly of pneumonia generated of the viruses of COVID, FLU and Cold, that could/can be easily controlled by full mandatory anti-viral vaccination that reinforce 2nd line of antibody defenses and blocking of anti-symptomatic chemo-drugs that reduce first line of human defenses (pain, fever, inflammation, congestion).

Led by Pfizer ex-CEO/Chairman Ian Read and new Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla in so called operation Warp-Speed an mRNA vaccine copied from Moderna was wrongfully developed for emergency approval, when inactive/fragmented virus tested/technologies were available for faster, safer, high efficacy and efficiency delivery if there was full simultaneous vaccination.

Price gouging took vaccine costs from US$0.84 cents a dose with over 200 labs available to produce and deliver according to World Health Organization to a US$10-20 price paid by most governments, while underdeveloped nations remained behind and as predicted spawned in additional to partial-vaccination in developed nations, mutations/high viral load profitable endemic.

Operation Microfluition investigation/accusation judgment shows the relationship of Pfizer, NewsCorp, Donald Trump in attacking micro-fluid testing against drug-industry Adverse-Drug-Reaction and promotion non-isolation/non-masking/no-tracking, anti-vaccination and partial-vaccination.

DEFENSE: inclusion of defenses available for accused, certified defenders and any citizen using email jusistem (at) jusistem.com.

Vaccine price points are to cover costs of development and of other fixed costs for failed developments.
Vaccines as any treatment must be voluntary, mandatory vaccination violates individual rights.
Profits return to the economy and stimulate further research and development.
Patents allow for monopoly and price fixing.

Counter defense: in case of a airborne pathogen, non-vaccination, non-testing, non-masking represents a threat to public health, national/global security and a threat to the survival of the human species, given danger of mutation to high lethal strains and higher loads of virus caused by non-vaccinated hosts.

Patents cannot be issued for technology processes that copy nature and patent issuing does not allow monopoly abuse that violates anti-trust laws and cause irreversible damage to public health.
Judicial Administration Take Over
Operation Microfluition
United Nations Statute
Globocean Constitution
United Lands Constitution
Solar Federation Constitution
Global-Earth-Solar Jurisdiction