Jusistem promotes open certification of justice agents, volunteer or paid on demand, with judicial fund-insurance and/or by performance with percentage share in recovered funds. The goal is to replace the current inefficient national state systems with an agent open certification global system.

Global certification of Justice Agents as semi-professionals or professionals, paid on demand by Judicial Fund-Insurance by 5% of recovered damages/fines, in open process participation.


Citizens inform J-policemen, J-investigators and/or J-prosecutors about belief in damage caused to themselves or to others. If possible they should obtain qualifying certification as J-informants to conceptualize objectively the facts, identifying with circumstantial, testimonial and/or material evidence the causer of the damage, if there was premeditation and if there is danger of serial/frequent premeditated damage characterizing substantial likelihood of future repetition of damage. If the conceptual qualification of citizens are low, agents will make the adequate conceptualization and after hearing the version of the causer of the damage they will decide if they will pass the accusation to a J-prosecutor and a J-defender for them to draft an accusation and a defense for consideration of a J-judge.


Citizens obtain qualifying certification to act in preventive security/surveillance and act in real time to prevent damage, making an arrest, home restriction of freedom of the causer of damage and/or later by order of J-Judge by the way of proof of danger. J-policemen use nonlethal weapons and methods to avoid continuity of damage. Can act without remuneration providing security in the area surrounding there daily circulation; as private security and/or policemen in open certification system financed by judicial insurance, part-time voluntarism and/or participation in recouped funds.


Citizens obtain qualifying certification so they can investigate an accusation based on belief and evidence presented by J-informants, J-policemen and J-prosecutors. The goal is to obtain conclusive evidence of damage, premeditation and danger as a basis for obtaining restitution, fine and home restriction of freedom.


Citizens obtain qualifying certification so that they can, based on the evidence raised by J-investigator, accuse the causer of the damage to a J-judge who will additionally consider the defense of a J-defender.


Citizens obtain certification so they can assist in the defense of citizens accused of damage.
J-Defender professional, semi-professional and non-professional (including the accused) can participate in on line open trials.


Citizens obtain qualifying certification to judge accusation by J-promoter and defense by J-defender. Evaluates evidence of damage, premeditation and danger to determine restitution, fine and home restriction of freedom. J-Judge (professional/semi-professional) and J-Juror (non-professional) can participate in on line open trials with weight of decision proportional to qualification, experience, credibility and merit of judgement logical formatting/fundamentation.
United Nations Statute
Globocean Constitution
United Lands Constitution
Solar Federation Constitution
Global-Earth-Solar Jurisdiction