OPERATION LIFATION: against abandonment/destruction of Human Lives after cardiac/brain electric stoppage, still with more than 99.99% of living cells, without full use of advanced technology.
OPERATION DETOXATION: against advertising of lethal substances in/out of multimedia content, against omission and incentive of health systems to voluntary abuse of lethal substances.
Global Jurisdiction
United Nations Statute
Globocean Constitution
Notorious Repeated Systemic Institutionalized Damages
OPERATION DEMOCRATIZATION: against citizen/member-state unequal unions, manipulation of election rules, reduction of turnout, fraudulent campaign/vote counting etc.
OPERATION DEPOLLUTION: against pollution/regulation of pollution levels, partial/total current/accumulated destruction of environment, plants, animals, humans must be stopped/repaired now.
OPERATION ADMINISTRATION: against administrative inefficiency by incompetence, ignorance, lack of will/skill, dishonesty, malice or any objective/subjective concept of causing damages specially economic power abuse.
Judicial Administration Take Overs
OPERATION DETAXATION: against undertaxed high Income/wealth citizens (top 1-5%) with undistributed/unrealized dividends, capital gains, stock options from liquid fractionable financial assets, in favor of overtaxed 95-99% citizens.
OPERATION UNBANKRUPTION: against fraudulent bankruptcies led by controlling shareholders/creditors not applying best administrative practices, funneling income out of organization generating losses to non-controlling shareholders/creditors.
OPERATION EXPRESSION: against citizens/judges alleging slander, insult or defamation, for personal/political censorship, oppression retaliation and using internet social/research media for fake/manipulated news/profiles/trolls/research.
OPERATION HABITATION: against organizations channeling resources for habitation to middle-high income citizens while leaving no/low income citizens unattended, creating a vicious circle of poverty and real estate devaluation.
OPERATION ENERGIZATION: Energy, Materials, Motors industry monopoly/cartel structure pollution, controlling shareholder, executives economic power abuse, tax evasion, money laundering, traffic of influence, price gouging, corruption etc.
OPERATION JUSTATION: Against judicial process fraud, damaging penalties by non-independent national judicial agents, including police, investigators, defenders, prosecutors and judges.
OPERATION MICROFLUITION: against avoidance of preventive mass non-symptomatic microfluid testing specially by anti-vax, post-symptomatic health and substance abuse industries.