OPERATION LIFATION: for regeneration, against abandonment/destruction of Human Lives after cardiac/brain electric stop with +99.99% living cells, without using advanced technology, against lethal-weapons/death-penalty.
OPERATION DETOXATION: against advertising of lethal substances in/out of multimedia content, against omission and incentive of health systems to voluntary abuse of lethal substances.
Notorious Repeated Systemic
Institutionalized Damages
OPERATION DEMOCRATIZATION: against citizen/member-state unequal unions, manipulation of election rules, reduction of turnout, fraudulent campaign/vote counting etc.
OPERATION DEPOLLUTION: against pollution/regulation of pollution levels, partial/total current/accumulated destruction of environment, plants, animals, humans must be stopped/repaired now.
OPERATION ADMINISTRATION: against administrative inefficiency by incompetence, ignorance, lack of will/skill, dishonesty, malice or any objective/subjective concept of causing damages specially economic power abuse.
Judicial Administration Take Over
OPERATION DETAXATION: against undertaxed high Income/wealth citizens (top 1-5%) with undistributed/unrealized dividends, capital gains, stock options from liquid fractionable financial assets, in favor of overtaxed 95-99% citizens.
OPERATION UNBANKRUPTION: against fraudulent bankruptcies led by controlling shareholders/creditors not applying best administrative practices, funneling income out of organization generating losses to non-controlling shareholders/creditors.
OPERATION EXPRESSION: against citizens/judges alleging slander, insult or defamation, for personal/political censorship, oppression retaliation and using internet social/research media for fake/manipulated news/profiles/trolls/research.
OPERATION HABITATION: against organizations channeling resources for habitation to middle-high income citizens while leaving no/low income citizens unattended, creating a vicious circle of poverty and real estate devaluation.
OPERATION ENERGIZATION: Energy, Materials, Motors industry monopoly/cartel structure pollution, controlling shareholder, executives economic power abuse, tax evasion, money laundering, traffic of influence, price gouging, corruption etc.
OPERATION JUSTATION: Against judicial process fraud, damaging penalties by non-independent national judicial agents, including police, investigators, defenders, prosecutors and judges.
OPERATION MICROFLUITION: for preventive full mass non-symptomatic microfluid testing, against anti/partial testing, post/anti symptomatic, adverse-drug-reaction/substance-abuse drug industries.
OPERATION VACCINATION: for full vaccination anti-pandemic/epidemic/endemic measures as tracking, masking, distancing, isolation, micro-fluid testing, no-anti-symptomatic-drugs, no-price-gouging public health decision against contagious diseases.
United Nations Statute
Globocean Constitution
United Lands Constitution
Solar Federation Constitution
Global-Earth-Solar Jurisdiction
OPERATION SOCIALATION: for Individual Social Rights or Social Security, including health, disability, unemployment, retirement, Universal Rights, with equal payouts to citizens up to a growing basic standard of living.