1) Citizens become agents of justice with theoretical/practical qualification and certification as J-informants, J-policemen, J-investigators, J-prosecutors, J-defenders e J-judges.

2) Agents use non-lethal weapons, document actions audio-visually, have transparency with financial and communication monitoring.

3) Jusistem J-policemen work part/full time on demand or when they witness rights violations and damages in their independent daily lives.

4) Violation of rights and damages can be resolved with direct judicial process with designation of Jusistem J-investigator, J-prosecutor, J-defender and J-judge.

5) Only have to prove, with online process, damage, premeditation and danger to demand restitution, fine and/or home freedom restriction.

6) Protected human rights of health, education, security, freedom of expression, initiative, organization and competition.

7) Restitution and fine proportional to economic and/or physical damages suffered.

8) If the accuser/accused don't accept process/sentence or demand/demanded by outside system, Jusistem will act in administrative/electoral (internal/external organization), civil/criminal (state justice), social (family/friends), national/international and/or self-defense (effective protection) processes.

9) Open or closed home restriction, proportional to the damage and risk/danger of possible recurrence, audiovisual electronic monitoring, with educational and productive activities, with bars added internally to the residence when there is danger of damage to physical integrity.
United Nations Statute
Globocean Constitution
United Lands Constitution
Solar Federation Constitution
Global-Earth-Solar Jurisdiction